Tuesday, April 20, 2010

HF.03 - Starve - Demo MMX (limited cassette)

happy to announce the next upcoming release on Headfirst! Records...

we venture overseas this time to The Netherlands, to a band formed shortly after the breakup of 'Eye Of Judgement.. a band we supported and sponsored through Pg.63 for a few years.

introducing: Starve

The guys in Starve take different direction in terms of musical content, but lyrics are very much right up the same alley.... this demo tape slows things down a bit and crawls and churns through a sludgy, dismal, hate filled audio assault. snarled and dark lyrics dealing with the misdoings of humanity and the destruction caused therein. Not too many all vegan sludge acts out there, won't win any awards for the most original sound ever, but they do it damn well.
FFO: eyehategod, iron monkey, graves at sea, etc

you can download the demo free below, we will be releasing a deluxe packaged cassette of this very soon, working out the artwork and the packaging now, but these are going to be awesome looking! a lot of time is being put into it, and I hope it shows! will be limited to 200-250 pieces... and include a deluxe cardboard case, with handstamped full front/back covers as well as an 11x17 poster and stickers exclusive to this release.

[No Artwork]
Artist: Starve
Album: Demo MMX
Year: 2010

1) Stuck
2) Homesick
3) Preachers Without Faith
4) Einzelganger