Friday, January 29, 2010

Undying - Demo (1999)

had a friend looking for this and decided to scour the internet to try to find it....since my copy on tape has long since been lost as were most of my demos a few years back. was difficult to find so reupping the demo found on this blog undying was one of the many great bands to come outta NC in the late 90s... still one of the best vegan metalcore bands to date in my mind.

[No Artwork]
Artist: Undying
Album: Demo tape
Year: 1999

1) For Liberation
2) Fire Of Life
3) Paradise Lost
4) Veil Of Humanity


Thursday, January 28, 2010

new baphomet hoodie design preview!

new baphomet 2-sided 2-color zipup hoodie design hopefully being printed up this week! Pre-orders going up soon!

in the meantime drool over it here:

Band Of Mercy - Demo (2009) (Ex-Die Young)

just saw that the singer and drummer of Die Young (Tx) started up a new band ....they posted their 3 song demo on Die Youngs myspace last night..... sent me over the lyrics also.... grabbed it and fixed ID3 tags on the mp3s and reupped it along with the lyrics.

[no artwork]
Band: Band of Mercy
Album: Demo
Year: 2009
Label: N/A

myspace: ??
download: here

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

pg.63 hates you

ok not really... but this blog will later serve for uploads for pg.63/headfirst record releases...demos and records we think you should give a listen to as well as random news and updates on pg.63